Streamline your digital work-flow with our event relay system.
With Relayable, we give you the tools to automate your digital process and communications, allowing you to speed up customer/client support, team work-flow or event tracking and management.
What is Relayable?
Relayable is an event relay system that allows you to automate your digital process and communications through a live event tracking and approval app. It also gives you the tools to setup automatic emails and notifications through a channel system.
What is an ‘event’ in this context?
An event is an action or occurrence recognized by Relayable. This could be:
Incoming emails
Customer/client support requests
New users joining a system
User actions
How does it work?
When you start out with Relayable you’ll be asked to set up your first channel. ‘Channels’ are what we use to filter the specific type of events you want to receive and which apps you want to integrate them with. For example, you could create a channel to notify you when you receive an email from a specific client who requires digital support. You would configure the channel to do just that and decide what will happen when that event hits your system.
Set up custom channels to receive, send and manage events
View all of your events in real time and decide on the next step
Approve or decline events and trigger individual or team notifications
How do I build a channel?
Our channel builder is easy to use and even has some automatic steps that don’t require any configuration or editing. However, we give you various options on how to store your data, how you receive and send notifications and what happens at each stage of the event process. See below for more info on our configurable step options!
Our ‘storage’ step allows you to choose how your data is stored. We currently offer connections with Amazon S3 (AWS) and Azure Blob Storage. We also give you the ability to save a snapshot of your data within Relayable itself.
You can decide who receives ‘notifications’ via email by adding your team or client email addresses and you can also connect Relayable to Slack.
Using our ‘utility’ step you can decide what happens at each point of the event process within your channel. For example you can make the event wait after reaching ‘storage’ and you can also add a ‘gate’ to prevent the event from progressing without approval.
Can I connect Relayable to other apps?
Yes! Using our channel builder you can integrate Amazon S3 (AWS) and Azure Blob Storage, as well as connect to Slack for notifications.
Amazon S3 (AWS)
Get started today!
You can get to grips with Relayable by trying out or demo to see how it can improve your digital workflow right now.Get in contact to find out more or get started below.
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