Ooni Pizza Ovens allow you to make restaurant-quality pizzas at home, and we helped Ooni build an app that is the ultimate pizza-making companion.
The client
Ooni revolutionized outdoor cooking and created a new category when they launched the world’s first portable pellet pizza oven in 2012. Since then Ooni pizza ovens allow you to cook world-class pizza in just 60 seconds.
The vision
Ooni approached us to design a companion app for their portable ovens to help bring their customer’s pizzas to life. We knew early on that this would have to not only have to be the perfect companion but it would have to enhance the Ooni pizza-making experience.
Our approach
We worked out what the key features should be, focusing on what would help their customers make the perfect pizza. The main conclusions we reached were that the app should help them calculate the ingredients, give them tips and recipes, and help them further with instructional videos.
The pizza dough calculator
We built an app that featured a handy pizza dough calculator to make fail-proof pizza dough, every time, which takes every variable into consideration: temperature, hydration, dough ball size, type of yeast and proofing time.
Recipes and guides
We created a recipes section that features new recipes every week, so you’ll never run out of new pizzas ideas and other awesome flame-cooked dishes to try, and a videos section that shows customers how to use their specific Ooni pizza oven, to the best methods for kneading and launching dough, as well as troubleshooting.
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