NHS Staff in Mind

The day-to-day job of health-workers can be very difficult, and with NHS staff facing greater challenges, and the stress that comes with it, it’s more important than ever that they look after themselves and take care of their mental health.
The client
We worked with the Sussex Health & Care Partnership and the NHS alongside Social Marketing Gateway. This allowed us to cover every stage of the process with a well-rounded team of people.
The vision
We were asked to create a campaign that would encourage NHS staff who were feeling overwhelmed to take an online Mental Wellbeing test. We immediately recognised the importance and delicacy of this project as 2020 had presented significant challenges to the NHS and we knew this would have to be taken on board when deciding the route to take with the campaign.
Our approach
After we presented our initial concepts, workshops and focus groups were held with health-workers to determine which route was the most effective to encourage staff to look out for themselves and their co-workers.
The campaign
Proven results
This campaign was launched in January 2021. With over 350 staff members taking the mental wellbeing test so far this campaign has been considered a success for the Sussex Health and Care Partnership and the NHS.
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