London Social Work for Children

London Social Work for Children (LSWC) is a website and campaign that aims to showcase the employment and professional development opportunities across all of London's 33 Councils, for both practicing and prospective children's social workers.
The client
We worked with Social Marketing Gateway and LIIA to develop the branding, website and campaign for London Social Work for Children (LSWC).
The vision
The aim for London Social Work for Children platform is to bring together the extensive range of career opportunities that are on offer in London and combine them with an informative, modern platform. Features include: Career opportunities, information about children's social work as a career, working in London, the latest social work news and life in London. Registering with LSWC allows users to stay up to date with job opportunities that are tailored to them and their career goals.
The brand
With the branding for LSWC, we explored a wide range of options and ultimately decided that the best route for the primary logo was for children to be the core focus, with elements of social work and the location of London to feature in the wider identity and campaign. To emphasise the youth of the children at the heart of LSWC, we included a rougher edge to the logo with the icon style and the inclusion of handwritten typography. This extends to the rest of the brand and the website.
The website
The most important part of LSWC is the website and the career opportunities for social workers that it hosts. We designed and developed a modern, accessible and responsive website to feature these and much more, including an impressive catalogue of information, guidance and relevant content for social workers already working in London, or prospective ones for the future.
The campaign
We extended the branding we created for LSWC to a campaign aimed at both aspiring and current social workers to showcase what London has to offer. We created and supplied LSWC with a wide range of visual assets, photography and customisable ads to help ensure the success of the project as it continues.
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