CS Sports want to improve the scouting process for both football players and scouts. We’ve worked with them on CrowdScouted to created the ultimate scouting experience: a safe, football focused app that connects scouts with the best upcoming players.
The client
We worked with CS Sports, a Scouting agency based in Scotland who are always looking for upcoming football talent. They want to improve how the scouting process works for both players and scouts.
The future of scouting
Before building the app we were asked to create the branding for CS Sports and what would become the CrowdScouted app. The idea was to use the same branding style for both entities so they’re always linked in both scouting and digitally. At the same time we were mapping out how the app would work and the best way to tackle the ongoing issue of data protection and privacy, as well as how to improve the reporting system for the scouts.
Our approach
We decided to divert from a ‘social’ platform and focused on creating a safe space where the player’s skill and the scout’s job are put at the forefront of how the app works. To do this we focused heavily on the privacy side of things, ensuring that there was no contact allowed between the scouts and players on the app itself. We allow player’s to upload photos and videos to showcase their skills and allow the scout to search, recommend and report on them.
The app
The results
The release of the app resulted in:
Players registered
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