Children's Social Work Matters

Children matter. Children's social work matters. It's a simple statement, but one that every children's social worker in Yorkshire and the Humber believes. We worked with CSWM to create a fresh look for their website.
The client
In Yorkshire and Humber, the 15 local authorities came together to form the programme ‘Children’s Social Work Matters’, which seeks to unite those in the profession and create opportunities for collaborative working.
The vision
We had already designed the previous public facing website for CSWM and the learning portal for Children’s Social Workers. CSWM then approached us with plans to update the website with a fresh look and to update the portal. We decided to scrap the previously used name and area for the portal known as 'Our CSWM' and combine it into an private area for authenticated members on the public site, which would be known as 'My CSWM'.
What we delivered
We designed a new website from scratch that is intended to breathe new life into both the brand and the content. The existing branding was kept but we updated it with a series of new, fun illustrations and incorporated elements from the logo's flag and colours across more areas. The new website puts a larger emphasis on the Yorkshire and Humber area as well, showing the best of the towns and cities within it and showcasing what is on offer for locals and visitors alike. We also built a more functional jobs section where both aspiring and experienced social workers can browse the latest jobs in the area.
My CSWM replaced 'Our CSWM' and became the new private area for authenticated members on the CSWM website. This area is designed to host various sources for social work learning and training such as webinars, resources and a calendar of events.
Social Care Matters
We also built a new website for Social Care Matters which acts as a companion to CSWM, hosting all of the job vacancies that are on offer in the social work field in the region.
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