Aberdeen Rapid Transit

Nestrans’ flagship project, Aberdeen Rapid Transit (ART), is a next-generation transport system. We worked with them to create the branding for the forthcoming campaign to make the project a reality.
The client
Nestrans is working in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, and bus operators to bring a public transport solution which will support the area as an inclusive, sustainable, and better-connected place in which to live, work, study, and visit. As a rapid transit scheme, the project aims to provide fast, frequent and reliable services.
The vision
We were tasked with creating the branding for ART. This would become the visual face of the campaign starting in 2022 that aims to make the project a reality. To make things interesting, the concepts for the branding would ultimately be tested with various members of the general public from the region so we had to make sure a wide range of possibilities were covered in the initial presentations. After selecting a route that ticked all of the boxes for the clients and was most favoured by our test groups, we finalised the brand system for the future of transport in Aberdeen.
The brand
We developed a wide range of potential routes and options for the ART branding and worked with a large team of planners, public transport experts and councillors to decide on the right path for the project. The final logo is intended to portray speed and the future of public transport in the city of Aberdeen, with the bold vision ART has at the core of the identity.
Brand materials
The brand has to be flexible and extend to a wide range of materials whenever the team working on ART need them as the project continues.
The campaign
As well as working on the branding for ART, we have also designed a range of materials for the ongoing campaign for the future of transport in Aberdeen.
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